José Jr. & Ana Arce 

Jose & Ani Arce are passionate for helping people to get to know Jesus and see how He changes their lives. For more than 30 years, they served under the leadership of Pastors Jose & Carmen Iris Arce in Casa del Alfarero (CDA). Together, they were Youth Pastors and founded “Generation of Destiny,” the youth ministry that continues to grow today. They both have a clear vision of the future of CDA and their role in expanding the kingdom of God. In January 2017, they were installed as Senior Pastors of CDA to continue towards greater things. 
Let’s have ice cream!
Once a month, our Pastors take an evening to meet our church guests in a more private setting. If you’re visiting Casa del Alfarero, our Pastors would love to meet you in person and have ice cream with you.
Next Ice Cream With The Pastors: August 29th at 7:30pm