We profoundly believe that God created us to be relational and that we shouldn’t do life alone. We have small groups that you can be a part of to connect, grow, and share. 
Download a complete list of active Houses of Life this Fall 2018 Semester:

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When do Houses of Life meet?

Once a week.

Where do they meet?

In homes throughout our communities.

How long does it take?

A House of Life usually meets for an hour and a half.

What do Houses of Life do?
Each House of Life has its unique characteristics and environment. However, they each have a time a hang out, pray, read the Bible and discuss a message from the Bible. Altogether, it’s an intimate and informal setting.
What do they talk about?

About life. We believe that your life is important to God and we want to share good news for your life. Sometimes, the conversation expands on Sunday's sermon, but the conversation is always based on the Bible. God is relevant in your life and your situation. We want you to always return home with something you can apply to your daily life.

I have more questions

No problem. Send us your questions at cdahol@casacda.org